C.V.: Selection of GOGO performances, exhibitions and things like that, from the past.

25.01.2020 Czentrifuga Fallen Stars @ Mensch Meier Berlin “Maskenball”

23.01.2020 Czentrifuga Fallen Stars @ Rumsteek / Bruxelles Belgium

10.01.2020 Vagabunden-Auktion – Kunstversteigerung gegen Soziale Kälte @ Urban Spree Berlin

14.01.2019 CZENTRIFUGA & GOGO TRASH “SPACEBERG” – inclusive Musicfestival @ Kulturbrauerei Kesselhaus Berlin

06/07.09.2019 Czentrifuga & Gogo Trash @ Berlin Urban Art Week (on various locations) 26-29.06.2019 Czentrifuga & Gogo Trash @ Fusion Festival Lärz Germany
15.06.2019 Fallen Stars @ Hoffest Haus Schwarzenberg Berlin
Finland, Perfomance festival Berlin??

14.04-13.08.2019 Exhibition Druck Druck Druck @ Galerie im Körnerpark Berlin

June 2018 Exhibition, workshops and Performance @ Fashion and Design Festival Arnhem the Netherlands


Gogo Trash started in the middle of the 2000s, around 2005. Inspired by chaotic Berlin, full of building sites at that time, which created a situation a lot of materials could be found there which were left as trash.

Especially the thick plastic in all colours, used as wrapping for the building material, was ideal for making very big dresses. So Gogo made costumes out of this and started to wear them at parades and other street actions.

The raw and colourful plastic certainly had a “trash” expression and with their work they wanted to make a comment on consumerism. Shiny candy- and chips packaging’s also got used in the costumes more and more, for the same reason.

This became a real “waste-overdose-look”, leaving people confused because of its eye- catching qualities, but at a closer look, they could be surprised by the thought it’s “simply trash”.

The performances often have a “ritual character”, where the performers act as “one body”. What makes this possible is the friendship and trust between the Gogo members and what happens backstage during the preparations before the show.

The “style, the theme and the story” are defined beforehand, but the development into certain characters and the actions on stage, is a transformation which happens backstage just before the performance starts.

Also, musicians got involved with Gogo Trash, and noise and techno became an important aspect of the performances, which developed into shows where artists of different disciplines worked together.

This can be on the street, on a hill, in a gallery, in the woods, the group always interacts with the situation that arises, making each performance unique.

Because Gogo’s home base is Berlin, a lot of their activities take place there, but also internationally they participated in festivals, exhibitions and other kinds of events, all over Europe.